A Strong Woman

Hi there. Hello.

Just yesterday I peeked over in my Poetry folder on my laptop and I realised that I had no poems to show for 2015. Gasp! This year, so far, has been odd. I feel like I’ve been on pause since the December holidays. I haven’t yet figured out how to press Play. And that is reflected by being over 4 months into the year with no great emotion to show for it. (Great emotion = Poetry)

How boring, right? An emotion-less 4 months, stuck on pause.

So just a couple of hours ago, without me having asked for it (I promise I didn’t ask for it) some emotion came to smack me in the face. And so I have a poem. Yay. I think. Or not yay. Nay.

So here’s my first blog post for 2015 (and in over a year). And my first poem for 2015.

Strong Woman

by Ruqaiyah Davids

Yeah, I want a man I can love.
But I also want a man who will love me:
I want a man who will love my strength,
Even while he accepts my weaknesses.
I want a man who loves that I have an opinion,
And yet never feels threatened in his dominion.
I want a man who loves my sarcasm and wit,
Because, honestly, without it, I’d too easily submit—
And I’d really just be a counterfeit.
The thought of it makes me too sick to admit.
I want a man who loves that I use correct grammar.
Yes, I’m that nerd who texts with correct spelling.
And punctuation.
And I capitalise proper nouns.
But let me just announce:
Correct language use is by no means an obligation.
The absence of it, a mild irritation, yes.
But a well-spoken woman should not call for arbitration.
I want a man who sees that I am strong.
You had me doubting whether it belonged—
Does a woman’s strength put a man under threat?
No. You were wrong.
A strong woman still knows how to duet.

P.S. This poem is sort of a sequel to another poem I wrote quite a while back: A Man I Can Love. A continuation of the conversation, you could say. See below.

A Man I Can Love

by Ruqaiyah Davids

I want a man I can love.
A man whose love for me
Was decreed by our Lord above.
I want a man I can trust,
A man who I’ll want to respect and honour,
Not because I ‘must’,
Or because obedience to him
Was upon me thrust,
But because he respects me
And honours me,
And deals with people in a way that is just.
And because, above all that,
He respects and honours the Words of our Master,
And this will make my heart beat a little faster.

I want a man I can learn with,
Someone to hold hands with.
Let the man
To whom I’ll give my hand
Be a man I can laugh with.
I want the little things,
And from this,
Love begins.
And with it,
Rahma and Mawaddah
From our Lord it brings.

I want a man who will lead me,
A man who will accept me.
One who will guide me,
Protect me,
And lovingly correct me.

I want a man who makes mistakes sometimes
And is willing to take some time
To admit when he is wrong.
One who doesn’t always try to be strong
All on his own,
But allows me to come along,
Stand by his side,
And be his partner,

He should be a man with a beard—
Now wait,
I know you might think that’s a little weird,
But, even though I want a man who will love me,
I want him to love our Prophet
SallAllahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam
More than he does me.
I want that love to show on him,
In the way that he dresses,
And the way that he moves.
The way that he loves me,
And the choices he may choose.
It should be the means by which
Our life together improves.

I want a man I can grow with,
Someone I can sow with
The seeds of our trees
In the Gardens of Jannah.

I want to fall in love.
Just once,
Just him.
Forever and ever.


Are you a strong woman? Do you know a strong woman? Share your thoughts with me below.



11 thoughts on “A Strong Woman

  1. Dear Ruqaiyah,
    I must say your poem touched me so much ❤ it's like you've written/expressed, so simply & beautifully, exactly what's on my mind at this moment in time. (Amin to it) Frankly it's because of my recent divorce that helped me realise my inner strength & made me become a stronger women now alhamdulilah.

    I happened to view your page after reading your article on the month of Ramadan ( on productive muslims) which was also so inspiring.

    I think your articles are truly meaningful mashallah & i will definitely be subscribing for your future posts. May Allah reward you sister, Ramadan Kareem

    1. Amin. Thank you for the beautiful words. I am pleased that you found benefit in it, Alhamdulillah. It is lovely how poetry connects us, no matter our stories.

      I am sorry to have disappointed you in not having had any recent posts. I intend to change this in the near future, in sha Allah. Hope you’ll continue to find beneficial content here.

  2. Assalmaualikum.
    Hello Ruqaiyah!
    I seriously loved your poem and it really touched my heart.
    yes! I have seen a strong woman in my life. My mother. she has sacrificed many things for us! in fact every mom is a strong woman. I love her so much and I love my dad even more because he really loves her and also respects her emotions. Alhamdulillah.

    Ruqiayah, I am a student of bachelors of science and a blogger from India. I would be glad if you go through my blog. 🙂 well will you mind if I publish your poem in my blogger? I will be waiting for your answer.

    1. Wa ‘alaykum Salam, Nazeef

      My apologies for not replying to you sooner. Somehow I missed seeing your comment.

      Yes, sure you may publish my poem on your blog! Thank you for the honour and kind words.

      Mothers are strong women, indeed. I often marvel at them and the immense task of mothering. It is a great task that not any ordinary person could do. You are a special kind of human when you are a mother, I think.

      I will be sure to check out your blog too.

  3. Wow! Both of these poems are AMAZING maashaAllah. May you find THAT man who will fulfill your deepest desires and love you with a complete heart, just as you wish, Ameen

  4. I LOVE “A Man I Can Love” and its sequel “Strong Woman” SO MUCH! I feel as though they were pulled out of my heart but written with your incredible talent! MaShaAllah! I remember “A Man I can Love” from at least a year ago. I posted it on Facebook before I knew who you were. May Allah SWT bless you with your man soooooooon. 🙏❤️ Āmīn.

    1. Ah, it’s so lovely to know that you relate to them so well. Mā shā Allāh! 😃 Shukran for your kind words.

      May you have your man soon too, and may he be everything you need and want, āmīn!

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