What do you believe?

Who I am, is a direct result of what I believe. This blog is largely about my beliefs, what I value and what I love.

These are the things I believe to be true about the world:

I believe that change is hard, but necessary.

I believe that happiness is contagious.

I believe that chocolate is the best flavor of anything.

I believe that people make mistakes, all the time– even after they promise never to do it again.

But, I believe, that we should never stop believing that, each time they say it, they really do mean it.

I believe that what we want is not always what we need.

I believe that everybody needs boundaries.

I believe that there are few things in this life as truly breathtaking as the look of pure joy on a child’s face.

I believe that everybody has a favourite person, child, friend, teacher– even though they say they don’t.

I believe that the worst mood can be made just a little better with a slice of really good chocolate cake.

I believe that every girl needs a sister–whether it be a blood sister or a soul sister.

I believe that everybody needs somebody.

I believe that, most of the time, what you give is what you get.

I believe that time heals.

I believe that words, alone, cannot solve anything.

I believe in friendship.

I believe in everlasting love.

I believe in true love after marriage, not before.

I believe in the unseen.

I believe in angels.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in faith.

I believe that my heart is hurting right now, but that, in time, it will get better.

I believe that I’ve made many mistakes.

I believe that righting my mistakes is one of the hardest things I might ever have to do.

I believe that I am not perfect.

I believe in repentance.

I believe in forgiveness.


I believe that God is One.

And that He is All-Seeing,



And All-Forgiving.


I believe a lot of things.

And I believe that there is a lot that I don’t know–

About life,

About living,

(And, of course, loving)

About myself,

About my heart,

And about my Creator.


But I will live my life with my heart open, with my senses awake, and with my soul alive, hoping that with the light of each day, I will learn something new that will guide my way.





What do you believe to be true about the world? Share your thoughts with me below.



11 thoughts on “What do you believe?

  1. Ruqaiyah, it gives me such a warm fuzz just to see your writing, and then when I actually read the words, that warm fuzz shifts from my hear to imprint on my mind. Keep it coming, keep it sincere.
    With loves, hugs and much joy,

    1. Shukran so much for taking time to read my blog. I’m glad you like it, alhamdulillah. I have renewed passion and drive for writing since I’ve worked with you, and I still hear your voice in my head sometimes while I’m writing. Or when I’m thinking about writing. 🙂

  2. Wow, I am truly impressed. Your words gave me goosebumps!! I just found your blog via the Productive Muslim webpage. I am a 24 year old girl from Germany and I’d say that I am going through the hardest time that I ever had in my life, right now. This made me look for some inspiration and help to cope with the pain, and Allah lead me here. Your words are truly beautiful, and I strongly agree, when you say: I believe that people make mistakes, all the time– even after they promise never to do it again.Yes, they do. It hurts, but what hurts even more, is, when they don’t promise you, not do it again. May Allah bless you, sister, for sharing these beautiful insights with us.
    S.a., Seyma

    1. Alhamdulillah, I am happy that you found some comfort in these words.

      Yes, it is hard when people are not truly remorseful of the mistakes they’ve made, but we should still try to forgive them. It’s not easy to forgive when the feelings and issues haven’t been resolved, but to hold on to the pain and the anger only hurts your life. Everything in your life will always be shadowed by that hurt you carry around with you.

      Ultimately, all you can do is make du’a. Endlessly. Make du’a for the pain you’re feeling to ease; make du’a for the person who hurts you/keeps hurting you, that Allah guides them, forgives them, and grants them awareness of their actions. When the situation feels beyond our control, all we can do is make du’a.

      But don’t give up when you don’t see results after some weeks, months, or even years. Just keep on knocking on Allah’s Door. He hears you.

      I wish you peace and contentment of heart, amin.


    2. Sister Seyma,
      May Allah make easy all your difficulties and remember/ know that:

      -No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship. Quran (53:58)
      -Verily, with every hardship comes ease (15:85)

      For your interest, you can also read similar verses and others on Pinterest (that’s where I also get my inspiration from) xx Farah

  3. And then 2 days after Seyma’s message, I came along from Uk (after reading the same blog perhaps) …subhanallah I’m also going through the most difficult time of my life too and i believe that inshallah everything is happening for the better and it becomes easier with the remembrance of Allah swt and our strong relationship with Him alhamdulilah. Your words are honest & beautiful Ruqaiyah, I too believe almost everything you’ve mentioned..let’s all keep believing* 🙂

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