Tick Tock

This one isn’t quite finished yet. I’ve been sitting with it since yesterday (which is why I didn’t post anything yesterday), because it wasn’t ‘right’ yet. I don’t yet know what will finish it or how to finish it, but I’ve decided that that’s okay. I’ll share it with you anyway. This is what it is for now.


by Ruqaiyah Davids

The second hand of an ancient clock;
Listen closely for the far-away knock.
It kills, it steals, and it heals;
The future is what time reveals.
Forever caught in time’s wicked trap;
It is somewhere in the middle that the stream and the storm overlap.
Tick, tick, tock.
Tick, tick, tock.



2 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Some days the mind works and the words flow. Other times, the words are blocked. I think this will be a nice poem. Nice so far anyway. Maybe it is the end. Who knows?

    1. Yep, indeed. While mulling over this one I was actually asking myself if I’m being fair to my brain and my creativity in forcing it to write a poem every day — usually I write poetry only when I absolutely have to, which is to say when the inspiration is so strong that I can’t not put it down on paper. But anyway, let’s see where these winds take us. 🙂

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