It’s April!

And you know what that means, right?

Time for me to come out of hiatus! Why? Because it’s National Poetry Writing Month!

Yes, I know it’s pretty despicable that I’ve last updated pretty much a year ago (I don’t really suppose that my one lone post last October counts for much). But… uhm… Okay, I have no acceptable excuses. I’m all out. I’m just really terrible at time management. Like, really terrible. And way too easily distracted. Like, while typing this post right now, do you have any idea how many times I’ve navigated away from this window? To Google something that has just popped into my head that I’ve meant to Google for a while now; to talk to my mom; to reply to an e-mail; to drink some water… I’m terrible.

But anyhoo, here’s a poem that will hopefully make you forget all about that! Yay.

Write it out!
Write it out!
The Kind of Lives We’re Living

by Ruqaiyah Davids

What kind of lives are we living?
Weren’t we meant for more?
Our innocence and youth has just gone through the door.
Nothing left for us to fight for anymore.

You had big dreams
Of simple things.
Not important any longer, it seems.

I had visions of happiness;
I saw days of what-seemed-like-bliss.
I never thought it would be like this.

We were meant for more,
We were meant to be better.
You were meant for greatness
And happiness.
We are meant to have goodness.

What kind of lives are we living?
Stuck in the past.

It was not meant to be like this.
It was not meant to be like this.

We’ve got to stop wishing.
And missing.
We’ve got to start living.
And giving
From the deepest parts of ourselves.
Stop grieving for a life lost,
One that was never meant for us.

The kind of life we should be living
Is still waiting.

To be honest, I’m not all too fond of this poem. I don’t hate it, I just feel that it needs (quite a bit of) tweaking. I suppose I’ll get back to that some time, but in the quest of writing a poem a day, I wanted to get this up for Day 1. Day 2 will be up shortly. Yes, yes, I know it’s the 2nd of April already! Hush!




3 thoughts on “It’s April!

  1. KAYA!!! this poem speaks to me, because I was actually pondering these things this week. I have yet again come to the realisation that am ‘Old’ or ‘getting old’ since we never feel old, we do not always realise how much time has passed. For instance, this came about when i heard it was 20yrs since democracy, which got me thiniking, it’s been 20yrs since i started school, which led to the conclusion that next year we would have matriculated 10yrs ago, and I kept thinking, what have I really achieved in 10yrs? it’s scary, considering i’m still studying, but scarier?? is that spelt right? this thing keeps saying my words are spelt incorrectly…anywho back to what i was saying…scarier is that I have had a proper job yet lol it’s ridiculous, so are we old? I like to think that age is inconsequential and it’s the way in which u behave and carry yourself that determines how ‘old’ you are. anyway i liked your poem, i see y u think it needs tweaking, but it fits with my mind at the moment. BTW we must catch up soon. miss ya and goodluck with the rest of NaPoWriMo 🙂

    1. I miss you too, woman! And one can see we have lotsa talking to do with that rambling you’ve just done there. Haha.

      Yep, we are indeed getting old. And it is indeed damn scary. When I tell others (who happen to be older than me) that I feel so old or that I am getting old, they scoff and think I am being ridiculous, because I’m “still so young”. And I guess I am, and I see how they would think I’m being silly and self-involved, BUT… when we look at it as ‘What have I really achieved so far?’ then it makes it really daunting to be this age. But, ultimately, with the wisdom of my older friends, I have come to realise that we shouldn’t see it that way. We have achieved a lot — not the same as others have achieved by our age, but we’ve achieved and grown in our own capacity. And we can only truly judge and rate ourselves in relation to ourselves, not others.

      1. True true, we have achieved a lot. We have grown into functioning adults lol i still don’t see myself as an adult lol it must be the student part. We are young, however, we are wise due to age lol

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