NaPoWriMo Day 25: Our Ballad

All out of stories.
It’s all been written before.
Anything I write now
Will just be picking at an old sore.

I was asked to write a ballad.
But our story—how do I tell it?
I’ve written it down many times before;
Each time hoping that I’ll learn a little more.
About you,
About me,
About where we began,
And where we ended.
Each time I tell it
I’m left suspended.
Each time my mind writes our pages
Our story is extended—
An alternate ending;
The truth keeps bending.

When I tell our story
We are different.
We seem simpler.
Our future seemed brighter.
Or maybe I’m just a bad writer;
Maybe I keep getting the story wrong.
Lost in the throng
Of who we could have been,
Should have been,
The signs we must have seen.

But that’s our story;
Told a hundred times before.
The truth still unsure.
Our never-ending,




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