NaPoWriMo Day 14: Superty-Duperty

This is a persona poem, as is put forth in the Day 14 challenge. We were encouraged to write in the persona of someone else, preferably a superhero or super-villain. I don’t know any of them well enough to pretend to be them–we’ve never met. Instead, I’ve chosen to assume the persona of my mom. My very own superhero. She doesn’t have a cape, instead she has a scarf untidily draped around her head because she was in too much of a hurry to fix it, giving preference to giving all of us vitamins for the day instead. She can’t fly and doesn’t have x-ray vision, but she’s always just where she needs to be and she has the power of the super-glare. When she looks at you with the super-glare, you immediately stop whatever nonsense you were just doing and you know–you just know–you’re going to get it when you reach home. You don’t quite know what it will be, but you know you’ll get it. And you’re afraid. You’re very afraid.

A lovely woman she is, though often tends to believe she is more invincible than the rest of us. She sacrifices herself too often. But I guess that is one of the qualities of a superhero, isn’t it? They always sacrifice themselves for the greater good–even when the people they’re doing it for are undeserving of it.


Rise early,
No time to be surly.
Get everyone up!
Serve them love in a cup.
I don’t get a sick day,
I don’t get to stay under the covers and lay–
Well, not for long anyway.
I have to work today–
And the next day.
And the next.
That is what everyone expects.

My cooking is not always the best,
But I take care of my family–
Who cares about the rest?

When they’re sick
I’m their doctor.
I rub their heads,
Sit by their beds
And even deliver their meds.

When they’re hurt,
Have a growth spurt;
When they achieve,
Or need some reprieve;
When they’re happy,
Or just feel chatty:
I’m there for it all,
Even when they put up a wall.

I shout and I scream.
Sometimes, I am a horror movie’s dream.
I manipulate and force,
But all with due cause.
They don’t always know what is good for them.
This was proven when
My youngest girl
Was too afraid to sit behind the wheel.
She fought and she cried,
She didn’t understand why
It was so important for her to learn how to drive.
But I fought even harder,
I wouldn’t allow her to discard her
Independence and intelligence.
So I manipulated and I forced,
I never paused.
Now, years later, my daughter is grateful
And no longer fearful.

I am not very well-read
And I don’t know the big, fancy words,
But I gave birth to four English nerds.

I am super-right;
I have super might;
There are few things that will cause me fright.
I am super-strong,
I raised four kids in these arms,
And I will always try to protect them from all harms.

I am Super-Mom–
And my love for my children
Is where my power comes from.


Tell me about your Super-Mom. Or any other superhero you have in your life.



9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 14: Superty-Duperty

  1. Beautiful! Has got to be my favourite one thus far 🙂 may Allah bless her and all our super-mom’s with long life and good health, ameen.

    1. No, I didn’t. I would feel weird if I did. Like, ‘Here, read my poem, Mum.’ (Said with a bright, beaming face.) And then I sit there quietly and wait while Mum reads. It will feel odd. Besides, I didn’t write it for Mum to read it. Glad you love it so much though. 🙂 That makes me happy. Did I get the description right, do you think? 🙂 There’s more I wanted to add, little idiosyncrasies that Mum has–you know, like singing/humming tunes that the no one else in the world has ever heard, but which only exists on Mum’s lips (not even in Mum’s head, because Mum just makes them up as Mum goes along, never to recall the same tune again). It tickles me and torments me all at the same time. >_<

          1. Yes, I think you got the description right. It’s not entirely flattering, so I would also be hesitant about going about showing Mum, but it’s overall flattering. 🙂

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