NaPoWriMo Day 9: The Freckle-Faced Girl

In a quiet, cold and shadowy back road,
Where secrets and lies have begun to erode
The walls of its poor souls’ abode,
A lady in a red coat treads dangerously,
And darkness creeps up on her.
She feels her heart begin to stir.

A little freckle-faced girl walks up quietly.
The girl says, in an eerie voice from behind.
The girl is unfamiliar,
Yet she still seems dear.
The lady walks faster.
She doesn’t know why, but she begins to fear.

The little freckle-faced girl says again, picking up her pace.
The lady begins to race.
Her voice is louder now.
The lady in the red coat cannot allow
For the little girl to catch up.
She must escape somehow.

The freckle-faced girl slows down.
Now, her voice sounds drowned.
“Remember who you are,” she says,
Much softer now.
The lady in the red coat turns around.
The girl is gone now;
Swallowed up by the ground.
Her voice can no longer be found.




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