NaPoWriMo Day 5: The Pain of the Day 5 Cinquain

Today’s challenge is to write a cinquain about this fifth day of NaPoWriMo. A cinquain is a type of poem that has a very specific form in terms of the syllables used in each line. A bit of a pain is the cinquain. I’m not a structure and form type of girl–at least not when it comes to my poetry. I like to go with the wind when it comes to my rhyme and my syllables. But ah well, I gave this a shot in any case.

Oh, I know it sounds like the poem is incomplete or abruptly ended… and well, I could go the cryptic and mysterious route here and say that it’s symbolic of the ‘new chapter’ in life, or the story of life that is ever incomplete. But that would be lies. And lying was for day 2. Today, day 5, the truth is that I just didn’t know how to end this poem. And hey, in truth, a poem really isn’t ever completely complete. As we grow and learn and re-visit our old poems we may see that there is something new that can/should be changed. So perhaps I’ll re-visit this poem someday, and when I’ve grown and read it with older eyes I might see a better way to end it. But for now, this is what it is.

 The Pain of the Day 5 Cinquain

Day five

Of the challenge

So far I could manage

It takes me out of my comfort

Of old


This day

Is bittersweet

Happy-sad news received

The end of a story is now



Fresh breath

Of new stories

To be told; go be bold

A brand new chapter–can’t wait to

Read it


Tell me what you think. How do you feel about strict rhyme and form?



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