Forever Young? Not Quite.

The month of April brings with it the day of my birth. Another year further away from youthful vigour and reckless abandonment. Okay, okay… I exaggerate. I was never that vigorous or reckless in my younger days, I was a rather timid young soul, and… I’m not that old… right? I mean, twenty-four years old–pssht, what’s that? Early twenties are when you’re still living it up, living the good life. Sleep? What twenty-something-year-old needs sleep? That’s for babies and old people. But then why is sleep all my body craves–night and day?!! Am I–I can’t even say it–am I an… am I an old person?!! I haven’t even yet reached the quarter century mark of my life, but I already feel so old! At twenty-four years YOUNG, I find myself worrying about my ageing, and what I’m doing with my life, and where I’m going. I used to look forward to each new birthday, as every child does, and I used to dream about being in my twenties. I never did understand people who lamented their age, seeing it as the loss of something; the loss of youth, the loss of life, the passing of their spring. I will never be like that, I would say to myself, I will accept my years graciously. But now? It is not that I am lamenting–I am not. No, really, I’m not. I am happy to be where I am. It’s just that, I don’t know how I got here so fast. It’s like, just a few months ago, I was getting ready to graduate at university, and I was still working part-time jobs. And now, ka-boom! Just like that, I’m here at twenty-four. There’s still so much I wish I had done when I was younger. So, being in this mood of reflection, I drew up a list of some of the things I wish I had done before turning twenty-four.

24 Things I Wish I Had Done Before Turning 24:

1. Gone on a real, outdoor camp. Tent and all.

2. Learned to swim.

3. Learned to ride a bike

4. Learned to roller-blade. (Yes, yes, I know. My friends tease me about having been deprived when I was younger. Poor me.)

5. Learned to speak another language. French or German would have been cool. Arabic would have been even cooler (I know some of it, but I am, sadly, not well-versed enough in it to actually speak it with confidence).

6. Travelled to more countries.

7. Learned to cook. I can cook, okay? Just not big pots of the kind of food your mom probably cooks.

8. Written a complete and proper short story, beginning to end. I keep getting stuck somewhere between the plot and character descriptions…

9. Roadtripped across South Africa. I fade away into a daydream every time I think about this one. I still really, really want to do it!

10. Opened a savings account. Is it bad that I haven’t done this yet?

11. Memorised the Qur’an.

12. Taken an actual writing course–with real, successful writers as teachers.

13. Done a photography course. I’ve always had a crazy passion for photography.

14. Bought me a professional, awesome-quality camera.

15. Learned how to sew. On a sewing machine, not by hand. Then I could sew my own clothing! And I could save so much money! To put into my savings account! Which I am yet to open…

16. Done third year at Darun-Na’im (an institute of Islamic learning). I’m always saying that I plan to go back and do it someday, in-shaa-Allah (God-willing), but I have a feeling that life will just keep happening, and I might never be able to return to complete it. Or to re-do first year… and second year. Why would I want to re-do them, you wonder? Because they were the best years of my life, spent in the best way, at the best of places. I learned so much, and grew so much. And even through re-doing it, I know with certainty that I will still learn so much more the second time around.

17. Completed a TESL/TEFL course.

18. Taught English as a foreign language in a foreign country (specifically South Korea) with my sister. We had planned to do this a long time ago, my sister and I, but then, life–as it always does–happened. And plans changed. She, however, went on to teach English in a foreign country, albeit not in South Korea, but I am yet to meet her there–which I do plan to do, some day, in-shaa-Allah (God-willing).

19. Rode a horse.

20. Rode a camel.

21. Read all the Harry Potter books. No, I haven’t read any of them yet. Don’t look at me like that.

22. Watched The Lion King. Apparently it’s one of those movies that you just had to have watched as a child, and I’m a real weirdo because I haven’t watched it yet. But do not fear, for I will remedy this soon, so lift your jaw back off the ground. And stop looking at me like that!

23. Slept more when I was ‘younger’ so that I wouldn’t be SO TIRED all the time now that I’m ‘old’! It makes one wonder, doesn’t it, what I was doing in my younger years that kept me from sleep, and yet, still, there is so much that I haven’t done? Well, I was doing stuff, okay? Just because there are twenty-four cool things that I haven’t done yet doesn’t mean that there aren’t another twenty-four, or even thirty-four, other totally fun and awesome things that I have done! Maybe that should be my next list… hmm…

24. Gotten married.


11 thoughts on “Forever Young? Not Quite.

  1. OMG~LION KING!!! As in Hakuna Matata~ur not seriyus? LOL I need to organize it for u!It seems we share a few wish I had done things like ~Gone on a real, outdoor camp. Opened a savings account.[Yes I’m 100 yrs older than u and I still bank under the mattress]. Taken an actual writing course. Bought me a professional, awesome-quality camera.
    Learned how to sew. Completed a TESL/TEFL course and obviously completed my third and wish I was in fourth year at present !!! This has just made me realize that we need to change the title of this list to THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE hahahaha but seriously I LOVE this article~Brought me outta my slumber mmmwa xxx

    1. Lol! Eeeeveryone has that saaaaame reaction when I tell them I’ve never seen The Lion King 😀 It’s actually quite hilarious how consistent everyone is in being wide-eyed and shocked when they find out 😀 hahaha! And yes! Let’s make a list of Things To Do Before I Die! 😮 Give me some more things we should add on to it.

      And thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Mwah!

  2. I too, share some things from your list, that I wish I had done. In addition: I wish I’d had a ride in a helicopter, and a hot air balloon. Wish I’d done some sort of art course. Any kind. Just something cool and creative. Painting maybe. And learned to play tennis. I’m sure I could think of more, but that’s it for now! 😉

    1. Up until a few months ago, i hadn’t seen Lion King either…now I’ve seen number 1 and 2 (not for me – for the little one). I haven’t seen ‘Titanic’ though….that’s probably in the same category as Lion King for this type of list.

      1. Yes, I’d say it is in the same category because I get the same wide-eyed and open-mouthed stare when people find out that I also haven’t yet watched Titanic lol. I can live without ever having watched Titanic, but for The Lion King I must make a plan.

  3. Lol! Hw hav I knwn u for so many yrs and nt knwn u haven’t watched the lion king? Its comin out in 3D soon, so u cn watch it then. That’s if it hasn’t come out already, hmmm I’ve been busy so have no clue what’s happening on the movie scene or any scene for that matter lol

    However you not alone in feeling tired all the time, I do too, its terrible. Even if I sleep for 12 hours I’m still tired, I’ve recently figured it could be because I dont exercise often. We can learn to swim together and I’ll teach you to ride a bike 🙂

    1. Hehehe! I love that we both can’t swim. I hold on to that fact dearly when I need to console myself when others make fun of me haha! 😛 I am not alone!

      It’s Lion King and Titanic. And Harry Potter. The three ‘classics’ of our time. Even though you loaned me your video of Titanic back in high school–I had it for, like, a year–I still didn’t watch it. But anyway, it’s not as important as The Lion King lol.

      And yes, we should definitely exercise more, and just live all-round healthy lifestyles. I’m tired of being unhealthy and tired all the time man.

      1. So i find myself re-reading ur blog posts and again procrastinating, i have a chapter due tomorrow, go figure lol. So im checking up on how many of the 24 things that you wanted to do have u since completed? I can almost swim lol naasik says i can swim however, i do nt consider it as swimming since i can’t let go. I hope you have at least watched lion king by now, i have the dvd 😀 u may lend it lol

        1. Haha. Way delayed. I really should post something new to this blog, hey?

          Well, you will be so pleased to know that I CAN SWIM! 😃 Yay me. Alhamdulillâh. And yay you, I guess. Haha. What do you hold on to while ‘swimming’?

          And yes! I have watched Lion King! All three. And Harry Potter. 😄 I’m so proud of me. Hehe. I’ve done so well.

          By the way, now that I can tick swimming off my list, I need to move on to riding a bike. You offered to teach me (check previous comment), so step up, woman! 😘

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