This is the Start of Something

All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.

-Albert Camus

I don’t know that I really share this Albert man’s sentiments, because, from where I’m sitting, all great deeds begin with sincerity, and there’s nothing ridiculous about that.

But, assuming that there is some truth to what he says, however little it be, here is a ridiculous beginning for you — the start of this blog, with a ridiculous first entry, too. I’ve mulled over in my head dozens of ideas for this blog and, truly, many of them were ridiculous. So, at last, I settled with this particular ridiculous thought to set the tone for the rest of my blogging… Let’s watch and see if it grows into a great deed or a great thought. Or perhaps it might give rise to YOU doing a great deed, or thinking a great thought — now THAT would indeed be great.




5 thoughts on “This is the Start of Something

  1. i guess some great deeds and some great thoughts have a ridiculous beginings… the same way all great deeds dont always start with sincerity but in order for it to be trully great sincerity had to find its way in whether in the begining or middle 🙂 or near the end

    1. True, indeed. Some great deeds certainly do start out ridiculously, and without sincerity (initially). Let’s hope that this blog will not be a deed void of sincerity, Allah-willing (even though it be a – seemingly – ridiculous deed 😛 hehe).

  2. I think what Albert Camus is trying to say is that when an idea or thought pops into your head,,at first you laugh about it thinking how ridiculous it is…and then later realise that you might actually be onto something important…

    1. Hmm.. never actually thought of it like that. Maybe you’re right. I love how one sentence can be interpreted differently by different people 🙂

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